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Dahlila Charlie

Coast Salish

Indigenous Artist 



As a Coast Salish artist, I am proud to share my artworks with you. My pieces are inspired by the rich history and traditions of my culture, and I hope they will inspire and uplift you. Please browse my collection of artwork, both old and new, and discover the beauty of Coast Salish art.


Hello! I'm Dahlila Charlie, a Coast Salish artist based in Vancouver Island, BC. I've been creating art for over a decade now, and I'm passionate about sharing my culture and stories through my artwork. My work has been featured in exhibitions, publications and stores all around the world.

I strive to create beautiful and meaningful art that celebrates and reflects traditional Coast Salish culture. My goals are to continue my art practice, expand my knowledge, and create art that is meaningful, that sparks colour and conversation.

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Honoring My Ancestry through Every Brush Stroke

Discover the World of Dahlila Charlie's Art

Welcome to Coast Salish Artwork by Dahlila Charlie, where you will find a unique collection of contemporary Indigenous art. My work is inspired by the land, sea, and sky, and I incorporate traditional Coast Salish designs and motifs into my pieces. In addition to my paintings and prints, I have also worked on several large-scale murals, including The 50 Years Anniversary at Open Space. If you're looking for something truly unique and inspiring, look no further than Coast Salish Artwork by Dahlila Charlie.



Art of Reconciliation 





“The Stories we Don’t tell.”

 Canadian Roots  Exchange 2021

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